My Thoughts On Twitter 10/19/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

With our thoughts we can influence the whole universe, all the worlds. And when our thoughts connect with each other, they reach the upper force, and we feel that we thereby activate all of nature, infinitely and boundlessly. We are obliged to reach this, we cannot hide from the purpose of creation.

Good thoughts can neutralize viruses and quell typhoons. Thought lies at the very foundation of the force field. It is written, “everything is resolved in thought.” From thought, it then descends to lower degrees until it reaches viruses, which are carriers of information.

We must correct our attitude to others, not wish bad upon anyone. This is not easy because when our nature is revealed, we see that we unconsciously look for ways to harm each other. We are like cockroaches that are swarming and looking for how to bite, kick, or even eat each other

The world to come is a world built on mutual bestowal, inside of which we reveal the Creator between us. Instead of living in a field of hatred, we will live in a field of love. This love is the Creator between us. Humanity rises to different degrees of existence. Therein lies the solution to problems.

The whole world must undergo integral education, on all degrees starting from kindergarten. We will see how nature will immediately start helping us. All illnesses will disappear because people will become so close to each other that the connections between them will begin to reveal another degree of existence, the world to come.

It’s possible to transform an egoistic attitude toward others to a good one by working in groups to draw the good force concealed in nature and to force it to be revealed. We demand for this force of goodness, good relationships, unity, to be revealed between us in the group.
From Twitter, 10/19/20

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