My Thoughts On Twitter 10/25/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

We have entered a new stage of understanding the pandemic —that it is here for the long-term and perhaps forever. There is an across-the-board fatigue from the coronavirus. People’s tempers are ready to snap. Here is where people might grow cognizant of the egoism that is sending them to their death, and the need to overcome it, even at the price of replacing care for oneself with care for others—as long as one gains the strength and motivation to move, to socialize, to live, and after that, perhaps people will see a completely different future…

From apathy people will reach the realization that there is no point in thinking about yourself. It’s rather by thinking of others that life will acquire new meaning. If everything is about others, then we get a new, spiritual world, one that is opposite to the previous one.

The most significant change in humanity is its disillusionment in life, apathy, the unwillingness to strive for anything. This will eventually lead to a re-evaluation of life, the need to find an aim higher than life. Then the will to achieve it will come back; life will acquire a higher meaning.

The main test is: what does a person aspire to, and how strong is his desire. A change of intention is like switching the car gear from forward to reverse, which determines whether I am moving forward toward the Creator and the creatures, or backward.
From Twitter, 10/25/20

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