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If a Klipa (egoistic desire) exists between us, that is where viruses can enter. But if there’s a space for holiness between us, a good connection to one another, then no harmful virus will be able to enter inside. That would be against nature’s law.

We must establish a connection between us around the entire globe. This will protect us, fill us with confidence and joy, and raise our immunity against the #Coronavirus and all other #diseases. No harmful agent will be able to get close to us, for everything depends solely on our connections.

We are born in this world, the worst of all the worlds. Let us rise to a better state! The Creator wants us to be in joy, so that, through unity, we would achieve absolute good, the upper world that is full of light and devoid of evil. The Creator draws closer when the group is brimming with joy and good connections.

We shouldn’t fear being distant or disconnected from the Creator. Even now we are in adhesion with Him, inside the Creator. So now, out of this state, let us build on the sensation of being close with the Creator, the desire to cling to Him with our hearts and minds, with all our thoughts. Nothing changes except for one’s conscious awareness.

We shouldn’t try to fight our desire—we’re never going to succeed in opposing it. We need only to ask the Creator, and everything will work out. We want the Creator to open within us the quality of bestowal, that is to reveal Himself. Then man will become like the Creator.

When the ego (desire) dies, I stop demanding for myself and become free. My eyes open, as well as sensations I hadn’t felt before, which were blocked, and I begin to sense the upper world. We need to rise above the ego through our unity, and ask the Creator to give us the force of bestowal to be in adhesion with Him.

We are eternal creatures! But we don’t feel it, as we’re locked in a tight cage that is this world. In all the universe, there is no place worse than the world we live in. Let us not be content with it. Let us awaken and look up! We must escape the authority of the ego—which aims to devour more and more—and reveal the true life.

When we find ourselves in the flow of the light of faith, it wraps us from all sides and transports us from state to state. We see other dimensions in the light of faith: not three dimensional coordinates, but an infinite number of dimensions. A round, integral world that has no end, above time and space.

There exists a spiritual reality above our world. We don’t feel it, don’t know it, don’t want to come to it. In our world, everything happens between egos-desires, with each pulling toward itself. In the upper, spiritual world, everything is the opposite: each tries to act for the benefit of the other. This is the antiworld.
From Twitter, 10/26/20

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