My Main Goal

269Confucius: “I am not bothered by the fact that I am not understood. I am bothered when I do not know others.”

If people do not understand me, I get upset because this is my second task, the second goal of my life, that people understand what I want to convey to them. The first goal is, of course, the Creator, but the second one is people.

Remark: It is truly important to you that people understand you.

My Comment: Certainly. Otherwise, what is my life worth? It is all about conveying something to people.

Question: Is it only possible to convey to them anything if you understand them?

Answer: No. It all depends only on the help from the Creator, the goodwill of the Creator, so that He opens their hearts, and I will tell them what to put there. The Creator cannot do it Himself. He needs intermediaries.

Question: So is almost your whole life aimed at being understood and heard?

Answer: Not me. What I want to convey. I as if build a channel, a kind of a pipe, and what I want to convey passes through it. It doesn’t even matter to me that it is going through me and how much I understand what is coming through. The main thing is that I bring it to them.

Question: Is it not important that they will say, “I received it through him”?

Answer: Absolutely not.

Remark: You have never made this a secret and always said that you even defended your doctoral dissertation so that maybe someone would say, “Oh, he has a Ph.D., I will listen to him.”

Answer: Of course! Otherwise, what for?

Remark: People defend their doctoral dissertations not only for that. They do it for salaries, for respect, for the academic degree, and for their resumes.

My Comment: I do not have any of it and I do not need it.

Question: Is everything directed to the fact that if it helps me to be heard, I will do it?

Answer: Of course. Only for this.

Question: If roughly speaking, now that you are known, people started talking on every corner: “Laitman! Laitman!” Would you say: “This is just in order to be heard”?

Answer: I think so, yes. Besides, I know that it will only be to the extent that the Creator needs it. To this extent, He will either raise me or lower me. I believe that what a person needs, he must experience. He must live through it, must endure it all, realize that it is for his benefit. There is no choice. Each performs one’s own function. Someone as if destroys, someone as if repairs, someone as if fills, someone empties, and so on.

Question: How did you know that it is your function to tell the world what it lives for, to disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah? How did you know that this is your life?

Answer: I felt it although I was not really keen to do it. And later from my teacher Rabash, he directed me. Even more than that, he directed me not to the highest attainments, but to stay close to people, not to isolate myself from them, and to disseminate.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/27/20

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