Do Kabbalists Experience A Feeling Of Revenge?

laitman_961.1Question: Do Kabbalists have an inherent sense of vengeance?

Answer: In Kabbalah there are no such feelings. You exist opposite the Creator: “There is none else besides Him.” He places certain challenges in front of you and you have to execute them.

Moreover, He does it in terms of positive and negative influences and all for the sole purpose of your advancement. Carrying out these tasks gives you everything you need. Therefore, you can have no claims against the Creator.

Although, initially, they do come up, and a fair number of them. A person agonizes why he did or did not do something, or why the Creator acted toward him in a certain way, etc.

Later, all of this goes away and a clear connection with the Creator is formed: everything that happens comes from Him and all for my own good. He constantly directs me. Even when I feel completely aimless, He directs me in every second of my existence to place me in the most optimal position.

All the negative feelings that we experience are there for the purpose of us to direct them against our egoism.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/13/17

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  1. “you shall not revenge but rather love thy neighbor as thyself, i am the eternal your G-d.”

    “The vengeance is mine said the Lord”

    “Kain will be avenged 7 times“
    ” as kain will be avenged 7 times, i will be avenged 77 times”

  2. In all, a lot of reasons here to carefully avoid avenging one self, unless they, the avengers, also known as the saviors of this world, (“The saviors of THIS world“) are interested in climbing up-downward, a real climbing, down the tree of hell. Also called, inversion of values.

  3. “HE places it in your hand and asks: what will u do? ”

    “HE places it in your hand and says: chose life! ”

    Much love to the immense Dr Laitman, to the friends, and foremost, much love to the gracious women without whom there would be no world at all. Thank you to all

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