Egoism: Disease Or Help?

Laitman_115.05Comment: Kabbalah studies that the world is a single organism and all its elements are interconnected. Today, there is a lot of research on this topic. That is the first point.

The second point is that nature has created an element called “human,” which is opposite to this unity. It specifically created our egoism, which manifests itself in various dramatic situations. Not only the current coronavirus, but all the problems of humanity are the result of our egoism. It turns out that egoism is a real disease.

My Response: I would say that this is not even a disease but our faithful assistant that leads us forward and shows us where we are not in integration with nature. This is where the ego manifests itself, indicating exactly where we are ill. Therefore, egoism is help for us.

Question: Is it as if showing us the opposite state of what we need to come to?

Answer: Yes. It is even called “help against you.”

Comment: But the problem is that we do not see the director of this script.

My Response: Why? Nature around us is the director. Its inner qualities, inner plan, thought, everything is within it, only we cannot recognize them. We are like a little child who looks around and sees only a very small fragment of this picture.

Question: Does each one interpret all natural phenomena in their own way?

Answer: Of course. Each one does this to the extent of one’s egoistic development. Egoistic! Therefore, no answer can be correct.

Comment: It means that on one hand, there is egoism that separates us, and on the other hand, nature pushes us to integration, to connection.

My Response: Yes. It requires that we consciously move to a society of connection, an integral society.

We need to understand that this is what we need in the post-virus state, and we must ascertain all the common and private problems that will arise in building society after this blow when we start slowly getting out of it. I wish everyone good luck. And it depends only on our correct interaction. I am really counting on it.
From KabTV’s “Post-Coronavirus Era,” 4/2/20

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