What Prevents Us From Uniting?

laitman_259.02Question: In order for our consciousness to change, i.e., the feelings and mind, consistent upbringing and education are necessary. You say that it is necessary to start with realization of a person’s motivation. He must first understand the benefits of being united with others.

In order to create motivation, values in society must change. We were originally created as social animals and society influences us. What will be the motivation for people to change their priorities?

Answer: In order not to perish and to achieve the right, gracious level of existence.

We need to rise above the level of earthly existence and while still alive in this world begin to feel the next level, the so-called upper world, the level of eternity, perfection, and infinity. Therefore, Kabbalah says: “Understand your world while living in this world.”

Remark: Today in different areas, there are a lot of studies about the benefits of uniting. We see that people who are somehow simply united are more socially protected, they have better health, less depression, and are happier.

But although people specifically see that uniting helps, something still bothers them. We cannot create a society that cultivates bestowal and love.

My Comment: Egoism prevents us from doing that. It is specially created in such a way that in the end, we learn to bestow, to be connected with each other, to unite, and to restore a single network of the interaction of all people, a single network of nature. We have to do it!

It is said that man, as it were, creates the Creator. So, it says: “You made Me!” After all, we must create this network by our efforts, by our understanding of how it should be, how much we must be interconnected. This is our real job!

Precisely thanks to the coronavirus, the crises, and other emerging problems that we must understand that we need to work only to properly feed ourselves, to dress, to put on shoes, and nothing more. Let the rest be done so as to correctly unite with each other. Then in our right unification, we will begin to feel a higher existence among ourselves.

Question: Are the Creator and nature one and the same?

Answer: The Creator is nature in its ideal, correct interaction revealed to us.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era,” 4/2/20

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