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laitman_278.02Question: Today, during the pandemic period, a person is faced with a serious question. He has gotten used to running around, sometimes running away from himself, and he is very afraid to stop, to face fear, and to get to know himself.

Now is the perfect time to get to know yourself and your fears. What would you advise him? What is fear and how should we deal with it?

Answer: Fear is a consequence of the unknown. Otherwise where does it come from? A person who understands the essence of a phenomenon, even if it is something terrible, has a different attitude to it.

The problem with today’s situation is that people don’t know what is happening to them and why. They do not know what will happen to them tomorrow. Moreover, it feels like these issues are in the air, and no one can touch them or solve them somehow.

Question: Do you think it is necessary and important for a person to get to know his fears?

Answer: I believe that everyone, in order to live as a human, must understand why he or she was born, why this world was created, what is beyond death, etc. You must reveal all these questions, otherwise your life is restless just so you won’t think about it.

Question: I see two kinds of people: those who are obsessed with fear and those who do not take the problem seriously. Where is the middle ground?

Answer: I think that there can’t be a middle ground here. A person should understand why the virus is spreading, how it affects him personally and all the people together, and why it was given to us by nature.

That is, we can take advantage of the current state, reveal it, and find out what we are living for, why nature is punishing us this way, if we deserve it, and how to get rid of the virus.

We need to use this state in its entirety. Especially since everyone is sitting at home and do not know what to do next: not rulers, nor ordinary citizens. We need to figure this out, and we have such an opportunity.

We must stop this endless running around and try to understand why we exist. Otherwise, our life is too stupid.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah: Victoria Bonya,” 3/29/20

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