Guide For Round Tables, Part 21

528.02The Main Job of Humanity

Question: You constantly speak about the method of the circle as a method of creating strong connections between people. The product of the action in the circle is a positive force of nature.

What is it about? You say that this will be people’s work in the future. What will they produce?

Answer: Generalization, connection, and unification of people, which will lead to the integration of all of humanity. And this is currently the biggest and the most important job of all people in the world.

Remark: Imagine a country where people at work and in the family use round tables and thus generate good, kind connections.

My Comment: This is the actual product of their activities. They don’t have to do anything else.

Question: And some of them will get paid for this?

Answer: They need to ensure a normal existence. It is quite possible that a certain part of society, half or even more, will be engaged constantly in organizing such actions for mutual connection in the form of circles.

Question: Do you think it will be possible to verify this with some measurements or research?

Answer: Everyone will be convinced that it is this connection between people that leads to abundance, to the fact that they can have everything.

Question: In other words, the effects of the product we are talking about can be measured in the economy, medicine, and everywhere else?

Answer: No problem. All this can be measured.
From KabTV’s “Management skills” 7/9/20

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