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In our time only love will save us, meaning unity above all the differences. Even if there is nothing I love about my child, I still love him! Love does not follow any rules, “Love will cover all sins” This is the kind of love we have to learn!.

Baal HaSulam, Letter 13
“Try to see the friends’ merits and not their flaws, to unite together with them in true love, till the state where ‘love will cover all sins.'”

Baal HaSulam, Letter 4
“May you have no deficiency other than to collect all the parts that have broken away from your soul, and unite them into one body. Into this perfect body, the Creator will place His presence forever. And the spring of great wisdom and the upper rivers of light will be like a limitless source.”

Baal HaSulam, The Last Generation
“Life’s aim is to merit adhesion with the Creator by scrupulously observing the condition of acting only for His benefit. Or to qualify many so they may reach adhesion with Him.”

Baal HaSulam, Preface to the book Panim Meirot UMasbirot, item 22
“A person does not live for himself, but for the entire chain as a whole, such that every link in the chain does not receive the light of life inside it, but only conducts the light of life to the entire chain as a whole.”

Baal HaSulam, Letter 49
“I instruct you to exert all your forces to begin to love one another and to take part in one another’s suffering, and to rejoice in one another’s joy, as much as possible. I hope you’ll fulfill these words and will comply with them entirely and perfectly.”
From Twitter, 9/29/20

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