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When the force of bestowal and the force of reception are united into proper form, amplifying one another in the middle line, it manifests in man not as simply the sum of the right and the left lines, but as each line demonstrating the oppositeness of the other line, and exalting it.

We receive two qualities from above: the good and the evil inclinations. The good inclination stems from the Creator via Abraham. The evil inclination that manifests in creation stems from the Creator who had created it. It is our work to unite these two forces the right way, and we must carry it out.

Man (Adam) means “similar” (Dome) to the Creator. Jacob is the most important of the three Patriarchs, which are qualities that are revealed within man to the extent of his similarity to the Creator. The quality of Jacob is called Tifferet (beauty, grandness, honor). These are the Creator’s qualities revealed in creation.

Jacob is the most important spiritual quality. Abraham symbolizes bestowal from the Creator, Isaac signifies the revelation of the will to enjoy in creation. Jacob is the combination of these two qualities: bestowal and reception, the right and left lines as a result of man’s inner work. As he connects the two lines, he becomes like the Creator.

We use our will to enjoy solely to impose upon it the authority of the will to bestow. Only in this form do we allow ourselves to work with our ego. And when we correct it in this manner, the middle line, Jacob, will come out.

Man must undergo all the changes within: to cancel himself completely before the quality of Hessed. To slightly awaken critical thinking and allow the will to enjoy to manifest. Then to combine Hessed, the quality of Abraham, with Gevurah, the quality of Isaac via faith above reason.

The quality of Abraham, Hessed, fills all the space created by the Creator. The Creator wishes to see all the creatures united in love and unity with Him. The creature appears only after the birth of Isaac—the will to enjoy that is attached to Abraham’s quality of bestowal.

The holiday of Sukkot is the beginning of the construction of the soul. The soul begins from the quality of Abraham (Hessed, bestowal), an open heart aimed toward love for all creatures, for their benefit. You cannot reach the goal of creation in this form, for in the quality of Abraham there is no quality of creation, the will to enjoy.
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