A Special Trend Of Our Time

214We have made another day’s progress, but the question is, have we really made progress? The world is advancing according to the program of creation and reveals more and more breakage in itself.

What do we do in the same measure for correction? How far do we move forward and want to connect the world or at least try to explain the tendency of its development, where is it going, and what for? Do we match this pace of development? I do not see any other groups in the world that could do this.

Humanity must learn about the program of creation, its purpose, the upper force that governs us, and what form it leads us to. But so far, we see that another day has passed and humanity is only sinking lower and lower, and so it continues. We do not yet feel that we can keep up with this current and be the Shofar (horn) notifying everyone of what is happening.

In our time, the most important thing is an explanation so that everyone knows what happened to us, who is doing it, for what purpose, in what direction we are going, and how we should act. The upper force works on us, helps us to change and move with it, and use all the forces of our development.

I hope that each of us will feel responsible for the world. This is why Israel is called the chosen people, to set an example and explain to all mankind what needs to be done. The world has reached the last stage of correction, which is the revelation of evil, and we need to help it reveal this evil as quickly as possible. How quickly we move to the next stage and begin to come to goodness depends on this.

The revelation of evil occurs in our egoism, which divides us and makes us feel more distant day by day. We all suffer, and yet we do not want any rapprochement either between countries, people, neighbors, and even within the family. There is no such person who is connected to others and feels as a part of all of humanity as a single system.

This is the revelation of evil that we must first go through in order to understand the essence of our nature. Without this, we cannot change for the better and connect to become a single system, one person, Adam.

Depending on how quickly we understand and feel this, transmitting this feeling and understanding to humanity, the coronavirus epidemic will turn into a positive force that unites people. Instead of that, it is separating us by driving each of us in a different corner and locking us up.

If our thoughts will be correct, then we can get closer to each other and the virus will not be able to hurt us. It is now, when egoism is revealed in the form of a coronavirus that it helps us to distance ourselves from each other.

But if we will be armed with restriction, screen, and reflected light, in order not to think about ourselves but only of our connection, if we do not worry about our own welfare but the connection between us all, we can rise above the forces of separation and begin to properly connect as one man with one heart.

All this depends on how much we see a negative tendency and understand that it is for our benefit because it helps us to change in a good way. The evil inclination is called evil because of our egoistic intention. But if we turn this intention into bestowal, then all the power of evil will turn into good. It all depends on us.

We need to quickly understand this and implement it between us to serve as an example to the whole world. All paths are open to us. Every day more and more opportunities open up which we just need to implement between us and then all over the world. Our personal advancement and correction depend on it. After all, everyone can achieve their own personal goal only if they have realized the common goal. This is the uniqueness of the last generation.

The world is changing with great speed and is beginning to realize that it has reached despair, which was not the case six months ago. Do we feel that we are moving fast enough and understand more to embody the right form of humanity between us and show it to the world? Our group is a mini humanity.

The connection between us must become so correct and strong that we are not afraid of any epidemic nor virus. Nothing can harm us, not people, viruses, or natural disasters if we connect with each other correctly with the right intention and build good relations. An example of such a connection will be the best and most effective dissemination in relation to the whole of humanity.
From from the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/25/20, Shamati #42 “What Is the Acronym Elul in the Work?”

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