The Locomotive

749.02The world-wide Kabbalistic group is a huge spiritual force, the Kli. Had we not lived in the times of the last generation, then in accordance to this force, we would have risen to very high degrees a long time ago. But the fact is that we need to pull a lot of people with us, just like a locomotive that pulls a whole train, dozens of cars, behind it; we must possess enough power for them all.

And so, we make an effort to try to achieve connection between us that corresponds to the whole of humanity, which must follow us. I hope that we will be able to quickly achieve the required force that can unite all of humanity and gradually bring everyone to the stage of final correction.

The Bnei Baruch world group must pull the whole of humanity with it into the spiritual world. At the same time, each ten is concerned with pulling the other tens. Each ten has its special character that distinguishes it from the rest, and this adds to the overall work not only in strength, but also in quality.

The Creator has arranged it so that only through the connection between us can we achieve the necessary strength not only quantitatively, but also qualitatively; we acquire a special quality that allows us to pull everyone after us.

After all, all of humanity is one Kli, one soul, in which one point has received the desire for the Creator and feels the force that attracts it. All the other points, all of humanity, do not feel drawn to the Creator, but they are attached to me, and I am obliged to pull them up with me.

This may seem like a heavy burden to us now, like a heavy load that we have to bear. But as we move forward, we will understand that this is what gives pleasure to the Creator, and if we feel that He is great, then we will gladly bear this burden without feeling any heaviness. After all, we bring joy to the Creator precisely by advancing, not one ten, but all of humanity.

This is precisely the source of the Creator’s joy. All the desire to enjoy is concentrated there and we are only Galgalta ve Eynaim. AHAP, which we need to pull along, receives the light of Hochma and delights the Creator. Therefore, we will gradually see that it is with the help of all of mankind that we can give pleasure to the Creator.

And if we do not prepare ourselves to pull the whole world with us, we can be removed from this role. There is a risk here. When one is given some satisfaction in corporeal life, he may forget about spirituality. If a person does not make an effort above and beyond to reach correction, does not convince himself with the help of society that he must come to be corrected, then there is no point in his spiritual existence and he is brought back down into material existence.

We are given a chance to achieve the degree of a human, to become Adam, similar to the Creator. Being similar to the Creator means pulling the whole of humanity toward correction. This is our work, and that is why we are called servants of the Creator. This is a very high privilege, a special and honorable mission. And if a person neglects it, then he is removed and replaced with someone else.

Lesson after lesson, gathering after gathering, workshop after workshop, we will realize more and more that there is a vast number of people, humanity, that our group has to lead. So, it will gradually become clear that we are the locomotive that pulls the whole train of many cars to the goal. Gradually, everything will begin to add up to one picture and become manifested in feelings.

Currently, we do not yet feel that we are connected to all of humanity or that we have the power to pull everyone along like a train that runs on its tracks toward the Creator. We must ask the Creator for strength and receive it within our connection. This is how the locomotive works and is able to pull the cars along with it.

Gradually, this state will become clearer, and I hope that after the holidays we will begin a different kind of work between ourselves and with all of humanity. We will begin to feel this connection within us and in accordance with it, our responsibilities and forms of work.
From the Rosh HaShanah Convention 9/19/20, Lesson 2

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