Be Good Students Of Nature

292Only after all people achieve complete correction and rise to the last step, this world, which we perceive within our egoism, will begin to disappear from our sensations. As long as there are people and groups, parts of the common soul of Adam HaRishon, who are still in egoistic desire, we will all feel we are within the framework of this world.

We will continue to be born and die in physical bodies and will not be able to leave this circle until we enter the last stage of correcting the desire to receive pleasure into bestowal. And then this world will begin to disappear from our sensations because egoistic desire will disappear and transform into intention for the sake of bestowal. And this world will begin to melt.

I can be corrected one hundred percent, like Rabbi Shimon, but since the rest of the world, the common integral Kli of Adam HaRishon has not yet been corrected, I will inevitably be with them in the common feeling of this material world.

All the great Kabbalists of the past, the great righteous, did everything only for the sake of bestowal, but they were connected with the broken Kli, and that is why they felt this world. For example, Baal HaSulam achieved complete personal correction, but this did not protect him from serious illness and death, which were the result of his connection with other people.

This will continue until we achieve the general correction of our entire Kli. This process begins now, when the entire common Kli is revealed and all of humanity will come to correction. This completely changes the attitude toward us and our approach to reality. We are joining a new program and will not be able to exist in the old way.

See how quickly the coronavirus shifted all of humanity to a new state from the previous state when everyone took care of themselves individually, separately from the rest. The virus hits everyone so that we feel connected. Even though this connection is bad, we will try later to make it good. And above all, we feel that we all have a common problem.

This problem grips us so much that it makes us feel that we are all suffering. We will stop making the distinction between us in the face of common misfortune because everyone suffers, everyone gets sick, everyone dies, everyone is helpless and does not know how to get out of these problems.

The virus binds us together on an equal footing, not placing someone above and someone below. Its goal is to even us out to the same degree. Therefore, only our union is the correct and only medicine.

The Creator treats us with absolute goodness, but we feel the evil because we do not align our state in accordance with Him. It is as if I am a student who is required to study hard, but I do not try to study. Therefore, I receive blows and punishments.

We are under a single governance, and we must begin to approach Him and fulfill His requirements. If we are ahead of him at every stage and fulfill the requirements, then we feel good advancing from high to higher.

But if we do not want to fulfill the requirements and the main thing for us is to make some noise at demonstrations and fly to have fun abroad without changing anything, then we will feel worse and worse. Nature, like our father and mother, tries to teach us, but we, like a stubborn child who only wants to have fun, do not hear anything.

And this is a problem because we need to listen to and respond to the demands of nature. If not, then nature will transfer us to the next class and the blows will become even more serious, and we will suffer more and more. The main blows that await us are climatic disasters that will simply destroy us. We will have to suffer from all diseases and hunger.

Nature acts according to the program, and we are obliged to establish a connection between the Creator and creatures so that they correctly understand each other and connect through us. Are we aware of this problem and are we trying to fix it? This is the most important thing.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/25/20, Shamati #42 “What Is the Acronym Elul in the Work?”

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