All Together In The Home Stretch

961.1The Creator obliges us to follow the program of creation, and therefore shows us that it is bad to remain separated from each other. But how can He show us that it is bad?

Only at the expense of suffering, otherwise we will not understand that separation is evil. Therefore, the Creator is forced to attach some unpleasant event to our separation so we can start feeling it.

We need to feel through the coronavirus pandemic that we are in trouble because of our separation. We need to link our physical and mental states together. The fact that we are so far from each other mentally and do not feel how beautiful the connection is, is the cause of all the misfortunes that have happened to us. The virus itself is not so terrible, but because it covers the whole world, it paralyzes all our lives. If it had hit a single country, it would not have attracted such attention.

But since it comes from a completely different level, from the global spiritual force around the entire globe, from the spiritual state, from the program of the end of the global correction, it awakens a very special attitude toward itself and plunges everyone into confusion and perplexity.

Scientists can’t come up with a solution, and there’s no hope of a vaccine coming soon. This epidemic is unlike any previous ones, which were more local, not aimed at correcting the last generation, and did not come from a common force called Mashiach that acts on all of humanity. This is the first time we have encountered it.

This is why such measures are being taken. After all, why does it seem necessary to stop all industry around the world, destroy the economies of all the countries, and radically change the entire lives of people just because of some virus? And if there was a war that would have killed millions, it would not have stopped, people would have continued to fight. Why are we stopping our lives because of the coronavirus?

It is because this power comes from the upper level—from where we are already connected together. And this power comes to show us that we have to connect here in this world.

Therefore, we don’t understand it and are perplexed. Gradually, we will start listening to the way the Creator is teaching us, and begin to understand how He treats us and what He wants from us.

Through this, we will hear the voice of the Creator, feel His actions, and be able to respond to them. We will get closer to each other and immediately see the epidemic abating. And then we will fall back into our egoism, and the epidemic will return.

In this way, we will get closer and drift apart, like a child who climbs into his father’s arms, then runs away from him, then gets scared of a dog and asks to be picked up again. In the same way, the Creator teaches us how to always strive to connect with Him.

The only difference between this world and the spiritual world is in who rules: me or the Creator. It is to this change of power that the pandemic should push us.

The Creator takes into account the global correction of the entire world: He thinks about the future of humanity, connecting all in one Kli and filling it with the upper light. We have already reached the home stretch of correction—the Creator is not very hidden.

It is us who cannot reveal Him, and He does not hide, influencing us from our connection. And so we feel a global blow to everyone, not somewhere more, somewhere less, but everywhere. After all, we are already on the home stretch and we only need to reach the finish line: the global connection.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/13/20, “Work With Faith Above Reason”

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