What A Virus Looks Like Under A Microscope

592.01The Creator hardens Pharaoh’s heart more and more, increases our egoism, but we are not obliged to fall to the very bottom in order to force the upper force to open up.

We do not have to fall if we attract the forces of nature right now in order to use the desire to enjoy together with the sparks of bestowal and try to walk in the middle line. Then we will see our illness and, right now, we will begin to treat ourselves correctly, without bringing us to death.

Any disclosure is possible only inside of some kind of flaw, but for this it is not necessary to reach real problems because our soul is already broken. Therefore, if we try to unite, then we discover this splitting even before it manifests itself in a material form. We identify this problem in the connection between us and find a solution.

Since we are broken, we can attract the light that returns to the source and solve all our problems. If I can feel the slightest bit of splitting, that is enough to start the fix and complete it. I do not need to get hit all the time, because when I reveal the smallest split, I can already perceive it as a big problem and raise myself up. It all depends only on my attitude.

Therefore, it is not necessary at all to fall to the full depth of the abyss that separates us, but it is enough to make out at least a small crack and begin to rise until the end of the correction. It all depends on the awareness of evil.

This is what all our work is about. Otherwise, we will have progressed only on account of the whip, like animals receive a blow and start running. But this is not the job of a person, because a person must know how to prevent a blow with a medicine.

Here it all depends on what magnifying glass I look through at the small virus in order to see a terrible monster in it that can eat me. It is very tiny, but I examine it through a microscope and therefore I see that it can cause me great harm.

A person can react to the weakest blow if he is attracted to goodness, unification. Indeed, discovering even the smallest disconnection, he perceives it as a huge problem and can avoid it by striving for good.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/25/20, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”

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