Jews Of America, Part 6

293Become One Common Force

Remark: One of the most important events of the 20th century for our people was the Holocaust of European Jewry. Many historians ask themselves the question: “Was everything done to save them?”

Henry L Feingold, author and professor of American Jewish History and Holocaust studies wrote much on why the efforts of American Jewish leaders were ineffective including an article entitled “Was Their Communal Failure? Some Thoughts on the American Jewish Response to the Holocaust” in which he wrote, “During the Roosevelt era American Jews were more politically active than ever before, and they had achieved a place in the Roosevelt administration; but throughout the crisis they remained a divided community wracked by bitter internecine strife. What could account for this? Had the bonds between them become so weak that they could not hold in a crisis?”

However, there is an opinion in the world that Jews, on the contrary, help each other, stick together. But reading the historical evidence of their constant strife, it’s hard to believe in this.

My Response: The more developed a nation is, the greater hatred it has until it begins to correct itself. This hatred is inherent in nature precisely in order to turn it into connection and love.

Question: So is it not anyone’s fault? Are you blaming nature?

Answer: I don’t blame nature. I say that this is inherent in nature in which there is neither good nor bad. And the fact that a person takes information from nature and how he uses it depends on him.

We are given a method of connection called Kabbalah where people, coming closer to each other, become as if one single whole. In this case, the connection between them affects the rest of the world.

If the whole Jewish nation tried to unite as the Kabbalists are trying to realize between themselves, then naturally their power of connection, literally one gram from each of them, would become one common force affecting the whole world, and the nations of the world would begin to draw closer to each other. This is called “being a light to the nations of the world.”
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 11/18/19

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