I Do Not Believe In Billionaires

546.03In the News (Business Insider): A group of 83 millionaires are pleading in an open letter to be taxed more in order to pay for the damage COVID-19 had caused to economies around the world.

“Signatories to the letter, addressed to ‘our fellow global citizens,’ called themselves ‘Millionaires for Humanity.’ …

“The signatories said that the extra governmental challenges of providing healthcare and education, and helping struggling businesses — all of which have been hit hard by the pandemic — cannot be solved through charity.

“They do not drive ambulances, serve hospital wards, or stock grocery shelves amid the pandemic, the group admitted. ‘But we do have money,’ they wrote. ‘Lots of it.’

“The group said the responsibility lies with government to raise the funds needed to address the issues that they said will last for decades, they wrote.”

Question: Do you believe it?

Answer: What are they saying? “We have been stealing for dozens of years, raking out of your empty pockets almost everything you had, to the last cent, and now we are ready to give back a little. And this so that you will buy, develop everything, and we continue to get rich from that so everything keeps going, and we have what to live on.

You do not have enough money to spin this machine? We will give you! We will “pour some gasoline” for you. And you keep working! Keep working so that we get more billions. From the fact that you spin on a penny, we earn billions.”

What do they want now? They play at nobility, saying: “We are giving it to you! We are ready to donate to you! We are ready to pull money out of our pockets!”

Question: How else can they express their empathy?

Answer: They have no empathy. Absolutely not. They know that if they pour a couple of billions into the economy now, they will continue to rake in 20 to 30 times more.

Question: And if they want this money to go to those who are at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus?

Answer: It does not matter. The main thing is to keep it going. And where the money goes, it does not matter.

Question: What act of theirs would you call noble? Noble at least within the framework of our world. What should they have done?

Answer: I think that we just need to take everything that they have and to give it away, and they should keep for themselves only what everyone has, because they earned all this due to the fact that tried to take the most they could at the lowest possible cost.

I may be an idealist in some way, but one cannot earn such capital in an honest way. One cannot! This is due to the fact that one forcefully takes that which belongs to everyone for oneself.

Question: But you understand that they will not do such a noble deed. They will not give all their money away. Well, will he then go and shoot himself?

Answer: It is obvious that they will not. They will buy the media as usual, although they have already bought it. They will spread the news everywhere, will ring it up, will hold charity events and concerts, and everyone will admire them.

Question: What does a person feel when he acts, in his opinion, in such a noble way? Is it only his pride that grows in him?

Answer: Of course!

Question: And they will no longer be able to do a noble deed?

Answer: This is not a noble deed. This is pompousness! Super arrogance! Say, we have earned everything through hard work and now we give part of this away to society. Let us say, I have 100 billion and I give you two billion!

Question: So what is a “turning point”? What can urge them to give away their money, even if not all of it?

Answer: Nothing can urge them. Not in any way. With such capital, they will not move.

Question: There is nothing to take over the armored egoism of these people?

Answer: No. They are accumulating lots of billions now; they are now earning much more than before. They profit from this crisis even more. But it will be over soon, and what next? After all, all this will be no longer needed, all this fashion, all these jewels. For this to exist the masses are needed!

Question: When the masses will not be able to pay for it, then a new period will begin?

Answer: Of course! They already feel it.

Question: One way or another, if not this coronavirus, as you say, then something else will lead them to the state where their thinking will turn over?

Answer: Their thinking will not turn over. I think that money will just lose its value, its meaning.

Question: What will be valued?

Answer: A person’s attitude to the world. Gradually, we will begin to appreciate a person’s attitude to society. A person will be appreciated; this will be most important.

Question: What kind of a letter from a billionaire would you take seriously?

Answer: “We have come to the conclusion that we are obliged to invest all our hundreds of billions in creating such a society that would lead all of humanity to unity, right up to the feeling of the common force of the world.”
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/20/20

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