From Conflict To Consent

627.1Question: Scientists say that conflicts can be constructive and destructive. You can classify them according to the goals that arise between peoples, countries, and religions. There are personal and interpersonal conflicts, conflicts of opinion, emotional conflicts, hidden and open, etc.

What types of conflicts do you think may arise in groups where people will receive integral education?

Answer: Any kind! We can’t even imagine what they could be. And we will awaken them, enjoy them, and develop them. And all in order to rise above them and connect with each other thanks to them. There is nothing in nature, not only in our world, but in all worlds, that does not consist of two opposites: conflict and agreement.

Question: Are conflicts a necessary condition for the development of society?

Answer: Absolutely! Initially given and manifested.

Question: You say that we need to awaken conflict by ourselves. But they are aroused by nature, so I shouldn’t look for them?

Answer: Of course you don’t need to look for them. We don’t do anything artificially. We should only strive to unite, and as a result, we will become more and more open to our differences, contradictions, and distance.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 7/16/20

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