The Commandment Of Forgetfulness

557If we want to maintain the level of faith we have achieved, then everyone must take care of others. After all, no one can be sure that he can preserve something himself, only if “they helped every one his friend.” The only way we can protect each other is by mutual guarantee.

No one is able to protect himself in any way when it comes to spiritual attainment. Having achieved some success, I will lose everything in a moment if my friends do not support me. That is why we need mutual guarantee between us all.

I can’t hold anything because my spiritual vessel is just one point, one pixel. I must be connected to all the other pixels at least in the ten, otherwise it is impossible.

Therefore it is said: “the group or death,” because I will immediately lose everything I have achieved if I remain disconnected from the group. I just don’t have a place, a vessel, or a memory where it can be stored. The spiritual can be preserved only in the, ten Sefirot in the connection between them. We will find out where the collective memory of society is located. It is not in society itself, but in the light.

Therefore, each of us can preserve our gains only if we are connected with others, in the ten, and from it we are connected further. What is outside of me will remain, and what is inside me will disappear, vanish.

And if we are connected to each other, then we should not be afraid to lose what we have achieved. If we care about our connection, then even the loss will only be in order to get something new and more important than before. This is called the “commandment of forgetfulness.” We must forget previous achievements in order to go further. As it is said: “May everything be anew for you every time.”
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/30/20, “Sukkot

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