"Open For Me An Opening Like The Tip Of A Needle"

Laitman_422The Zohar, Chapter “Emor (Speak),” Item 129: Open for me an opening like the tip of a needle, and I will open the high gates for you. …This is why when David wished to come into the King, he said, “Open to me the gates of righteousness … This is the gate of the Lord.” The gates of righteousness is Malchut; it is the way to enter the King. “This is the gate of the Lord,” to find Him and to adhere to Him. Hence, “Open to me, my sister, my love,” to mate with you and forever be at peace with you.

In one of his letters, Baal HaSulam describes entering the spiritual world. There is a wall in front of us, we are walking along it, looking for the entrance, but can’t find it. However, the instant a person becomes similar to the One who is behind the wall, an entrance appears in the wall.

This is the way to enter the spiritual world. You have a solid wall in front of you which doesn’t have any opening, and then, all of the sudden, an entrance opens for you.
In the material world, we know that there’s a door in a certain place, it’s closed, but it can be opened. However, in the spiritual world, there is no door; nothing is visible in advance; everything is completely concealed. It’s utterly impossible to imagine that something can be opened here. Then, suddenly, an entrance opens.

Everything happens according to the similarity of properties of the person standing in front of the wall, and the Creator behind it. If they share at least one percent of similar properties, the person can enter inside. It happens on the condition that he wants to enter only to the extent of this percent and leaving the rest outside.

This means that a person wants to become connected with the Creator only through the desires that fit Him. Then, the entrance opens and he finds himself in the spiritual world. Corrections of our desires ultimately lead us to a desire called “gates to the Creator.”

From the Evening Zohar Lesson 4/30/10

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