The Morning Zohar Lesson: 5/2/2010, Synopsis

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Zohar, Items 16-21 (synopsis): The narrative of the Torah starts with the action performed on the soul which has already gone through the breaking of the vessels, the mixing of the broken parts, and the fall into hate and rejection. In other words, the Torah is talking about the soul which is ready for correction.

Being in the state of concealment, a person in our world doesn’t feel flawed, miserable, and full of hostility and hatred. Only the influence of the Upper Light will uncover and help us understand our true nature, which is under total control of instant gratification and pleasures.

In order to rid itself of egoism and come to the state of everlasting pleasure, the creature, Malchut, has to change its intention from “receiving for its own sake” to “receiving for the sake of bestowal.” This gives rise to the property of Bina which demonstrates how the desire to receive can become bestowing.

When the creature “restricts” its desires and annuls itself, it comes under the power of Bina, the mother who is teaching her daughter, Malchut, to work in bestowal. As soon as Malchut becomes included in Bina, the mother starts passing on to her daughter the “garments and precious adornments,” meaning the property of Hassadim. Under its influence the creature gradually becomes similar to the Creator.

As a result of her further spiritual development Malchut rises above Bina and obtains the property of “Elokim.” This means that she begins attaining her root and comes to the understanding of her place, function, and duty in the system of the common soul.

The Zohar Lesson in Russian 5/2/2010

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