Just 2 Days Left Until The World Zohar Convention

Laitman_069_04A question I received: The World Zohar Convention is starting in just a couple of days. In relation to this, many people write to us about various obstacles that prevent them from coming, and about their fear and sudden reluctance to come. What can be done about it?

My Answer: If a person has an opportunity to come to our meeting, no reason should prevent him from doing so. One should come even if it involves spending a considerable sum of money or sacrificing vacation time. I can’t imagine what could be more important then spending a few days together:  It is a purely spiritual investment.

We don’t realize how such unification among people furthers our spiritual progress. Now we are experiencing the “hardening of the heart,” and receive an additional portion of egoism. And that’s great! This is precisely the state in which we need to act.

That is why one has to be aware of the reason for which he cannot come. Herein lies his or her free choice to advance spiritually or not. Only if someone is locked up in a prison and can’t get out of it, then it’s possible to understand his not coming.

People ask me, “What if I ‘ve been studying Kabbalah only for 2-3 weeks and there is no group nearby, isn’t it too early for me to come?” Even if a person encountered Kabbalah just by finding out about our convention, it’s still worthwhile for him to come. Who knows what will happen to him tomorrow? At least he will manage to get something out of this life.

From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/3/10, Article “Matan Torah”

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