Jews Of America, Part 9

17.01To Prevent Movement to Fascism

Remark: Jews, living in different countries, prosper in those places up to the point that discord breaks out between them and anti-Semitism flares up. Then they unite again through the suffering that unites them. And then fascism comes.

The great Kabbalist of the 20th century Baal HaSulam believes that the only way to disrupt nazism is through a religion that he calls altruism.

It turns out that the Jews, as a nation, are natural opponents of fascism in any of its forms. And subconsciously feeling this, all forms of fascism are against the Jews.

Baal HaSulam in the newspaper The Nation written in 1940, emphasizes: “He [Karl Marx] thought that the proletariat governance would be the subsequent step to the bourgeois governance, and hence determined that by negating the bourgeois government, a proletariat one would be established instantly. Yet, reality proves that the step following the ruin of the present government is that of Nazis or Fascists.”

My Comment: Unfortunately, we will see the emergence of fascism in America, in all developed countries, and in developing capitalist and semi-capitalist countries. This is a law of nature. After a developed state, society can either come to the realization that it is necessary to change its ideology or continue the line of fascism.

Question: In other words, in order to survive, people go to nationalism? We see that right wing parties and nationalists are coming to power in almost all European countries.

Answer: This will continue to deteriorate until the method of connection becomes apparent in the world.

Question: If these are the laws of nature, then no one is to blame, no religions. There is a single force that generates all these processes. And we, as observers, should notice all this and draw the right conclusions?

Answer: No. We can move all this forward, starting to unite on the basis of the true religion, the science of Kabbalah.

Thus, we will show all of humanity that there is a path that leads them to salvation from their own egoism. A path that not only makes our life in this world special, but also reveals the upper world, that is, the structure of society based on interconnection.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel”11/18/19

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