Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 5/21/20

281.02Question: What or who changes the generation: historical events, natural disasters, technologies, social values, or an internal plan?

Answer: An internal program.

Question: What should the younger generation get from the older generation?

Answer: They should get an attitude regarding the purpose of creation in order to continue it. Everything changes, except for the trend of evolution toward the goal of creation; this doesn’t change.

Question: Is it possible in the modern generation of consumption to elevate the authority and significance of parents in the eyes of the children?

Answer: If children will begin to relate correctly to the purpose of life, to the discovery of the next level of existence, to the discovery of the upper world, and the parents will support them in this, then in this way they will strengthen their authority and significance in the eyes of the children.

Question: How can you characterize in a single word or sentence our generation after the coronavirus?

Answer: It is as a generation that has been given a special task, and I hope that they will realize it.

Question: Must the same universal principles that you express in your books and lectures be adapted for each generation and in particular for our generation?

Answer: Absolutely. I am working on this.

Question: Who or what should shape the generation?

Answer: The generation is shaped by people who understand what is standing before the generation. They discover problems that are facing the generation, the methods of realization, and they try to direct humanity toward a solution.

Question: Each generation is smarter and more adapted to life. Do you agree with this statement?

Answer: No. Every generation has the potential to solve the problems that nature presents to them. But simultaneously, it requires a very strong directing hand.

Question: To what generation do you consider that you belong?

Answer: I consider myself to be between the old and new generation, a generation that has not yet taken shape, which I am helping to see the way.

Question: The generation determines the collective experience. What kind of collective experience can you recall from your life?

Answer: The collective experience in my life didn’t give me anything except a big negative sign. Whereas all that is positive, I received only from my teacher.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/21/20

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