Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 5/15/20

284Question: Why is someone else’s death so attractive to people? We see that when an accident occurs, many onlookers gather around. Why is this so interesting?

Answer: It is pure phycology. Something unknown, complicated, something that concerns everyone happens, and this is the reason it is so attractive.

Question: Can it be considered weakness if a person thinks about death or is afraid of it?

Answer: No. This is a natural state of man.

Question: What is your attitude regarding suicide?

Answer: Negative. I don’t understand people who do such things.

Question: Do you believe that medicine will be able to prevent death in the future?

Answer: No, never.

Question: What kind of death is ideal in your opinion?

Answer: When a person fully corrects himself, even in the last moment of his life.

Question: Is there life after the death of the physical body?

Answer: Of course. It is a different form of existence.

Question: Do you believe that the origin of life is from outer space?

Answer: No. I don’t think there is life in outer space.

Question: Can a person live several hundred years in the biological body?

Answer: Yes, he can, but what for?

Question: Is cremation permissible, in your opinion?

Answer: This is a personal matter. In principle, from the perspective of man’s spiritual development, what happens with the corporeal body after death is totally unimportant.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/14/20

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