The Trend Toward Worldwide Communication

962.4Question: What internal changes have occurred in our communication since the 1990s?

Answer: We have entered a completely different space of connections between us. We feel ourselves a different humanity. If earlier communication between people was carried out through telephones, radio communication, and so on, today we feel the connection not between people, but between IDs, and this is a completely different feeling. Therefore, it does not matter to me who writes to me, but it is important how I perceive it.

Question: It turns out that if in the past each person practically did not leave his village and was connected with several tens or hundreds of people, today he meets thousands or tens of thousands of people in his life. What is the purpose of this trend?

Answer: It is a very simple process: we must feel like one family, one united, interconnected society, unable to exist otherwise. This is a process of absolutely complete interaction between us. And although this interaction is still egoistic, it will lead us to understanding that we must find a different method of communication.

Question: That is, I will be in contact with billions of people? And I will know them personally?

Answer: It will be worldwide communication. Moreover, it must be kind; otherwise, we will simply destroy each other. Today we are beginning to realize how much the lies in this system harm all of us.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/21/20

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