The End Of Hypocrisy

Dr. Michael LaitmanContact with the World

Modern means of communication, including computers and smartphones, provide the ability to communicate with the global world. This completely changes my perspective, I can touch a variety of things as if I can influence them. I can contact anybody and learn anything I want.

I see the big world and my place in it. I find social circles in this general field and establish myself within them. People know me and I know them.

Forums are being created, communication groups, and dual-purpose platforms for work and leisure. I can even sit with someone in a virtual cafe. Perhaps my hobby is also implemented on this vast web.

Besides, it is cheap and I can afford things that previously were unfulfilled. For example, materials that I read or view during a week would cost me tens or even hundreds of dollars.

Now everything is available and accessible. It changes my perception of the world by gradually showing me that I am connected to the world and the world is connected to me.

Steps to the Truth

Another point is that while working with the interactive interface, we have less and less talking and listening. The main flow of information passes through the visual channel. In this I see the benefit of a person giving a higher weight to thought and thinking. After all, it operates in a virtual connection. Yes, we express our thoughts in words and symbols, but they are now more specific. We learn to express ourselves more clearly, and that is good.

Smartphones and computers have made our communication more direct and straightforward. This contributes to the wealth of information covering the whole spectrum, from the beautiful to the terrifying. We dropped the old fake covers and if you want, we can talk to each other without reserve, without scruple, without hypocrisy.

An LCD screen has become my window to the world, and at the same time, has taught me to be outspoken. The information that has been provided to all has become too available. A person on the Internet is bare, meaning one has thrown off the garments of lies, hypocrisy, and pretense. Politics, media, and family relationships are all unmasked and are free of fraud.

Thus, we have made a major breakthrough for the true essence. As it turns out, everyone lies, but that is where the truth exists. This understanding is very important. We learn who we are. Reset is the convention of the last century, rejected is the put-on etiquette. Today we are much more frank. The younger generation does what it wants without worrying about the opinions of others. And the older generation knows that it has no power over the younger generation.

To Get to the Bottom and Not Let Go

Question: If we have invented a good and useful technology, why does it lead us to the realization of evil? What is this evil?

Answer: The technology is good, but our nature is bad, egoistic. It divides and separates us in different directions. Online, we see our own image everywhere on our small and big screens as if in a mirror.

We are very close to the realization of evil inherent in our nature, in our state, and most importantly, in our inability to do something with it. While getting to the bottom of it, all the beauty of this moment is raising our hands and not letting them drop when we start looking for solutions coming not from us but from another source.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/20/15

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