Israel and the Nations of the Worlds

Laitman_115_04It is written in the article “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)” that we were chosen out of necessity to be the peculiar people of all the nations, meaning to be a special group, “nation,” which is a connection between people that are connected by mutual guarantee between them, a mutual unity force, mutual help, where they are one complete body. This complete body could be egoistic like the seventy nations of the world. Because each one of the seven Sefirot of Zeir Anpin is composed of the ten private Sefirot that are seventy spiritual roots.

Therefore, when the general vessel broke, seventy egoistic seeds were created, which are scattered in all of humanity. This is the source of the definition of the “seventy nations of the world,” meaning seventy different egoistic tendencies.

In addition there is the “nation of Israel.” When under the influence of the Upper Light there occurs a sorting of all the desires of the nations of the world, then the Light, like a magnet, pulls from the general ego the desires that yearn for the Creator, although they are not corrected for bestowal. They are called Israel (“Yashar – El,” straight to God). And the desires of the seventy nations of the world are directed only towards their ego.

That is how the one general force is divided by the influence of the Light. In the beginning it broke into pieces, then they mixed, are sorted, and then the separation occurs: one part rises upward, this is “the nation of srael,” and the second part remains static, which is “seventy nations of the world.” Actually, they are not nations but rather spiritual forces, which thus stand out in nature, and later gradually are expressed in people.

Many years ago, when the people of ancient Babylon awakened a desire for self-realization, part of the Babylonians started to yearn for the Creator and separated from all the rest. This happened under the influence of Abraham, who was the first to reveal the Creator, the single force of nature that acts in creation.

And the other part of the people didn’t feel it, and from the influence of Abraham they felt the opposite negative inclinations. This is how the nations of the world were scattered all over the whole world only in search of egoistical fulfillment. Therefore, it is said: “we were chosen by necessity to be the ‘chosen’ people from all the nations.” Meaning, we need to justify the intention that exists in us.

Thus, only the people of Israel took upon themselves and entered into mutual guarantee and not the people of the nations of the world, who did not take any part in this, because reality itself obliged them to do so.

That is, the whole of Babylon was divided into two groups. One group is the “nation of Israel” (that yearns directly for the Creator) and the second group the “nations of the world” (that yearn to their ego). Each group developed according to its pattern, later they mixed, and now they meet. From this moment on we enter a special stage in the development of humanity.

But the final correction of the world will be in bringing everyone in the world is united in their desire for the Creator, and the Creator will be revealed to all the people of the world, as the sages wrote: “And the Lord will be King over the land,” and on this day He and His name will be One.” God is the Light, the Creator, and His name is the revelation of the four degrees of the Light “Yod-Hey-Vav-Hey,” black letters on a white background. “He and His name” means that each revelation in our world will be good, whole, and eternal, like the Light itself.

And shall say on that day: “And the land will be filled with knowledge of the Creator, and all nations shall flow unto it.” Knowledge will be revealed on the desires of all the nations and not the nation of Israel, which will only do its role. And thanks to the ego that will be corrected in the nations of the world, a great general knowledge and comprehension of the Creator will be revealed.

But the role of Israel toward the whole world is similar to the role of our forefathers towards the Israeli nation. We need to be teachers to all the nations of the world and help them rise on the same ladder of degrees like us.

And every commandment (correction of our desire) that the people from Israel do in order to bring contentment to the Creator, without any reward and self-love (acts of pure bestowal), serves as a stimulus for the development of all people. After all, we are all connected and transfer the positive virus from us to the whole of humanity… until we tip the scale to the side of merit. We will transfer through us the Surrounding Light to humanity, until it will connect them. Precisely like that the whole Light of the Creator will be revealed in all of creation.

Therefore, we have a serious problem with this personal connection with each other, so that we can form a common desire that is similar to the one Light.

The Light is one, unique, and unified; He created one unique desire and then purposely broke it into small pieces.

And now, by ourselves with the help of the influence of this Light, we need to reach the state when the Light will again make the general desire as it was before—one, unique, and unified.

But we need to request it; when we try to do something in our world, we see that we can’t succeed in it and we must request the Upper Light to help us. This request is called “raising MAN” or a prayer. And if it’s correct, not egoistic, but directed to fulfill this act, then the Light will fulfill it.
From the Convention in Sochi 6/10/15, Lesson 3

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