Today’s World Is A Time Bomb

laitman_220Correction is only in universal unity. The world today is in a position that we can talk about it openly and concretely, without any excuses.

The whole world and Israel reached such a critical state that we are talking about the future of the human being, his family, country, and the world. It is impossible to continue to develop in the same way; the world is on the verge of a terrible explosion.

We do not understand that our connection with each other is a powerful weapon with which we can change everything. It’s like the “four symbols of Sukkot“—the branches of different trees connected together and a beautiful citrus fruit, symbolizing the unity of the Jewish people—the connection between everyone: all the people and the sages.

With this means of connection, we can manage our entire life; we just need to pick it up and start working. There is no other possibility. Unity is a means of achieving a common desire, as powerful as a sharp-edged sword.

Any positive change will come only through the connection between us. If we all start to think in this way, it would oblige everyone, because society inspires all our thoughts. Thus, we will affect each other and unite into a single force of mutual bestowal, which will begin to reveal the future, a better state.

Changes can occur very quickly. The correction of the world is already in the aspiration for this unity, even if we have not reached it yet. The world is demanding this. One has only to begin and we will see how we move forward.

The whole world system is in a terrible inner tension; it should already be connected. We see that the world is undergoing awful events. The whole world is tied into one system, and connections between everyone are extremely tense.

This is a real time bomb that is constantly ticking. We are on the verge of explosion in the environment, society, in all areas. Tension has reached such a critical point that we no longer know how to get out of it, such a state as just before war.

Therefore, the world requires from us only a small effort for unity. One has only to begin, and we will advance to a better life immediately.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/4/15, Writings of Rabash

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