The Unity Gene That Has Awakened

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The Israeli nation has been through many wars and always had a difficult time lifting the spirit, but why is there a special feeling of connection revealed in this war that cannot be compared to anything else?

Answer: We are advancing together with all of humanity to a state called a global system. It obliges all of us to connect in harmony into one closed system since all of nature exists according to this principle.

The upper force of nature is one and unique, and there is nothing other than that. Humanity must exist in a system that is similar to the upper system and that is compatible to it. The further we are from the limits of connection and unity, from cooperation and mutual connection, the more blows we receive.

We must realize that the blows we have received are intentional and that there is a reason for them. They are meant to teach us that connection is a good thing, while separation and detachment are bad, and that it is worthwhile to connect to one another mentally in order to connect to this one system consciously and of our own free will. We will reach it not under pressure and blows, but because we want to be connected since we appreciate bestowal and mutual connection.

Love of others is not a formal law that we must follow, and it is not some foreign domination that pressures us and forces us to obey it. We have to reach a state in which we will begin to appreciate and understand by ourselves that it is much more sublime than our current nature, how good and wonderful it is when there is mutual cooperation, connection, support and mutual help between us.

Although our egoist nature detests it, this oppositeness actually helps us clarify exactly which attribute is more important and sublime, and more humane, and to prefer bestowal over receiving, love over hate, and connection and unity over separation.

The faster we discover this inclination of nature to bestowal, the better off we will be. Therefore, we find ourselves now in a global crisis that is meant to show us how far away we are from mutual harmony and to what extent we are responsible for it as human beings in facing all of nature.

Today, even astrophysicists say that human thought causes explosions in distant stars in the depth of the universe. They feel it as a result of their research which makes them sensitive to what happens in space.

Man is the crown of creation, and it is in his power to bring all the parts of nature—including still, vegetative, animate, and human nature—either to connection or to separation. If nature aspires to connect all its separated parts, we humans must think about that and aspire in the same direction.

If we aspired even a little in the direction of unity, we could awaken the concealed spiritual genes that are in us from the time we existed as one man. Then, we could annul all the obstacles and the blows. There would be no need for them in our advancement to connection since they come only for one reason: to awaken the root of the comprehensive unity in us and to force us to fulfill it.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 8/12/14

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