A New Pharaoh With The Name “Hamas” Is Unnecessary

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: There is a sensation of the existence of a deep inner connection within the people of Israel that is awakened every time there is an external threat.

Answer: When they press on us from a physical level, we begin to feel an inner connection on a higher level. It could be said that this connection is awakened, yet more precisely, we become more sensitive to it.

I live my life: home, family, work, and suddenly tension is created in this life— troubles, problems, or war. As a result of this I want to be less connected to this stratum of life, less involved with physicality. I want to rise above it and become further away from the problems.

This helps me to feel the regular physical level less and become more sensitive to a higher level of life where we were once connected together as one soul. In the past we already used this principle, being like one person with one heart, we lived as one people, as one soul, with one desire, with one intention and goal, mutual Arvut.

Each one understood what he was living for, according to the principle, “don’t do to your friend what is hateful to you,” and “you shall love your friend as yourself,” “all of Israel are friends.” Unity and Arvut permeated the people. This state existed and was recorded in our genes, even though it did not continue for a long time. So in our root we belong to this level. The moment that things are bad for us on a physical level, we become more sensitive to the spiritual level.

The spiritual level is always found in us, and in difficult moments its sensation is awakened immediately. So we are ready to help the soldiers and also one another. We do this not only because we feel as brothers in times of trouble and connect on a physical level like animals that are saved from a forest fire, but also for higher reasons.

Our mutual cooperation is derived from spiritual roots, meaning that we belong to a single root. A connection like this doesn’t exist in this world. It makes it possible to feel one another so much so that it is not given to find differences in this mutual connection, in the collective heart. This is what is called being “like one person with one heart.”

We have to return to this state “like one person with one heart.” And don’t allow this process to advance by way of the plagues of Egypt, as it did in the past. These plagues brought the children of Israel closer to unification; as it is said, Pharaoh brought the children of Israel closer to the Creator. However now it is up to us to advance towards unity with our own powers— there is no need for war, for a new Pharaoh with the name “Hamas” and additional enemies who attack us from all directions.

Instead, it is up to us to develop within us a sensation of the importance of that state when we were together, and to want to attain it in the best way and not through blows. Come, let’s begin to talk about it, nurture it, publicize it, so that unification will become something desirable to us; then we won’t need any negative external influence and we will advance in the best way.

Spiritual connection is always found among us only it is concealed behind daily concerns. However we can awaken this connection not only during times of war, but in ordinary life also. Then our daily lives will become more spiritual and directed towards a loftier goal. It is possible to use daily life to constantly renew and revive the inner connection more and more.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 8/12/14

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