The Most Important Job In The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have entered a very peculiar stage of human development. Evolution brought us to a sensation that this world is uncomfortable, wrong, and unsuitable for us; it really doesn’t matter whether it is our fault or not.

To what extent are we to blame, I cannot say. After all, we only act the way we are able to. People are what they are! What can be done about it? Can we demand more from them? Should we make this world a better place or should we continue “rotating” together with it? In general, are we really capable of acting differently by going against our nature? We are governed by our nature; this is how we are built. Can we change anything?

We see that our life is difficult and uncomfortable; the future does not appear rosy to us at all. Is it in our power to alter our life?

At this point, the wisdom of Kabbalah steps into the picture. This knowledge explores the entire reality and the human in it. Kabbalah’ exploration of nature is extremely deep, researching must deeper levels than all conventional sciences. This wisdom explains exactly what can be done to change our reality for the better.

In essence, we arrive to a very easy and obvious conclusion, which is not news to us: The problem is in our egoistic nature. We are driven by our egoism, the force of separation among us. Each one pursues one’s personal benefits and relishes being “superior” to others by making others “inferior.” People feel happy when they feel superior to their neighbors.

If we were not driven by this force, if we strived to unity and equality, we would feel much better. Mankind has always thought that they could achieve equality and justice. There have been many battles and revolutions throughout history, but we see that all of them were useless.

So Kabbalah teaches us how to live a good life. Besides many other benefits, it explains how to attain balance and similarity with nature. It shows how to avoid hurricanes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, cold and heat waves, global warming, extinction of plant and animal species, etc. People are the only ones who can balance out all levels of nature so that all of its parts (inanimate, vegetative, animate, and speaking) will achieve harmony and accord, thus living a good life in a state of homeostasis.

On top of that, our work on attaining a correct type of unity contains one detail: out of the entire humanity, this work is entrusted to a small group that from the Babylonian time, from the cradle of human history, demonstrated that it is capable of, interested in, and meant for this role. This group aspires to unity and in essence is ready to take care of the rest of humanity that is not concerned about things like that.

When this group emerged in ancient Babylon, it was named “Israel” meaning “directly to the Creator (Yashar-El).”  It aspires to attain unity. The Creator (El) in essence is “The One”—the unified reality.

Today, after three and a half thousand years, this group doesn’t match the role it was chosen for. However, similarly to ancient Babylon, in present Babylon there emerge people who also strive to unity. That’s why they too are called “Israel.” Implementation of their predestination is a must for them.

Besides, there are people who were a part of the group named “Israel” at one point in the history, but later they dropped their ideals. They also are obligated to participate in the quest for unity. Thus, there are several circles of people whose duty is to partake in the process of the world correction.

1. First of all, there are the parts of Israel who awakened on their own to fulfill this work. No matter what country they are born in, they are a part of the desire to save humanity.

2. Those who belong to Israel by the fact of their birth, by heredity. They also are involved into the process even though they don’t know it, don’t understand, and don’t want it.

3. The rest of humanity.

Today, unity turned into a universal heritage. All over the world, people who understand that only by attaining unity can we escape all disasters caused by our antagonism with nature; they are trying hard to find solutions to the crisis we are presently in. Gradually, sooner or later, they come to the wisdom of Kabbalah. It occurs that this knowledge is a source of correction and a cradle of understanding and energy.

Kabbalists wrote a lot about what exactly can and will save humanity. Moreover, the wisdom of Kabbalah explains that we should not run away from misfortunes as wild animals from a burning forest. On the contrary, our current state “hides” nature’s deep intention to elevate us to a higher level ,not just by sending us disasters to force us look for salvation. This scenario isn’t worthy of nature’s perfection.

The thing is that by self-correction and unification we rise to a new level of existence and go out to a broad and impeccable world, into the reality that exists above matter. We will see that our genuine life, our true bodies and souls, are there.

Kabbalists explains to us what the ways of awakening to the real life are. This is what the wisdom of Kabbalah is meant for.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/10/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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  1. Can the BB group which is inside Israel, connect directly with the Nations of the World, not through the Nation of Israel?

  2. When we come to the realisation that there is a sort of unity of all things in nature a total unity of all things devoid of time and space, humanity will not and can not understand nor attain peace and unity on earth. The Brotherhoods should genuinely unite unconditionally on this issue.

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