Passing The Correction To The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “The Arvut” (Mutual Guarantee), (abridged version): But the end of the correction of the world will be by bringing all the people in the world under His work.

Indeed the world will be corrected when it reaches complete adhesion with the Creator. This end is guaranteed.

But the role of Israel towards the rest of the world resembles the role of our Holy Fathers towards the Israeli nation: Also, it is upon the Israeli nation to qualify itself and all the people of the world to develop until they take upon themselves that sublime work of the love of others, which is Dvekut with Him. Thus, each and every Mitzva that each person from Israel performs in order to bring contentment to one’s Maker, helps to some extent with the development of all the people of the world, until it increases to such a degree that it can bring all the people in the world to the desired purity “shifting the balance to virtue.”

The general structure of reality is divided into several levels: the forefathers, the sons, Israel, and the people of the world.

The forefathers, according to their nature, yearned for the Creator. They didn’t need to be a people. It was enough for them to be in a small group. Some of them perhaps even managed without it, like Adam HaRishon, the first Man, for example. In Abraham’s time there were already groups, and his students were connected like one family. Still, it was a person’s individual work.

Later, since the days of the exile in Egypt, it was the sons’ turn. The egoism grew and now working with it demanded not just a group but a people, the people of Israel, that corrected itself by the Torah in the states called the desert, the Land of Israel, and the first and second Temples.

Then the people of the world join this process with the shattered part of Israel that is incorporated in them. Today we are all on this level together, and we should do the same thing the Fathers did for us. First we have to correct ourselves, and then pass on the correction to the people of the world.

We should remember that the people of the world will not begin to operate on their own. All those who belong to the other levels, the shattered part of Israel and the part of the people of the world that were mixed in it, awaken towards the correction. The ten lost tribes about which we know nothing are also incorporated here.

Thus, the people of the world come closer to the correction by those who can wake up, those who have the spiritual point lit in their hearts. There is no point to sitting and waiting for the general awakening of the people of the world. It won’t happen by itself, not now and not in the future. Our participation is needed here: We correct ourselves, and according to our level of correction, the Light passes to them and thanks to it they are corrected.

It is a relatively passive part of the general soul. It says that the people of the world will carry the children of Israel on their shoulders to Jerusalem, but we have to begin the correction. There are always two parts: the part that corrects and the part that is corrected by the forces that come from Above.

Of course, great preparation is needed for that, which is done by dissemination. Passive readiness to receive help and to take part in the process as much as they can is required on the part of those who are corrected.

But the correction itself comes from the people with the point in the heart who can pass the necessary forces though them from the top down.

So we shouldn’t expect only “an awakening from below.” Even the smartest and most intelligent people will not wake up by themselves. They may only agree to some extent, join the work a little, but passively.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/16/11, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”

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