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laitman_525Question: How does the connection with the spiritual forces described in the Tanakh affect our present, mortal life?

Answer: The Tanakh is a fundamental book, which contains everything. The Tanakh’s first book, the Torah, is the entire universe, but only in the form of a thought. The books of Prophets are added to this effect, and the Scriptures contain the completion of this action.

The Tanakh is divided into three parts (HBD-HGT-NHY), giving us all the knowledge of the common vessel of the soul, the entire universe. A person who starts to understand this system no longer gets confused. One will not be able to see the historical narrative in these books. Never before have these books been treated this way until the modern times.

These books have always been considered sacred, and their content is not to be questioned, whether we understand it or not. Every word that is written there is a true statement, but we are not aware of it.

There is nothing in there related to religion, it is just the right approach of a true researcher who realizes that one does not understand what this book speaks of.

One does not approach the Tanakh with a simple material yardstick; one realizes that it refers to a reality that one has not yet felt. Perceiving reality only in our five physical senses, we cannot understand what Tanakh speaks of. After all, this is an area that surrounds our world and governs it.
KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/22/15

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