Measuring Thought With The Dimension Of The Screen

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can thought be measured?

Answer: Our matter is desire. We measure the desire with the four degrees of Aviut. We have a scale to measure the spiritual desire from 100% to 0% from the world of Infinity to our world. Being on a spiritual level, I can measure the desire in accordance with the degree of Aviut. I create the screen over the degree of the Aviut of the desire. The screen together with Aviut gives me the strength of desire: what I want, what I aspire to, what I am planning to do.


In other words, the Surrounding Light determines my thoughts, the extent of my ability to perform actions of bestowal. Where do I check this? On the degree of Aviut. The power of thought is measured through my ability to connect my intention and my action to the Aviut of my desire.

We cannot measure the thought with the mind, but I check and measure the thought’s influence on the desire, and with this measurement I evaluate the thought.
Kabbalah for Beginners 10/21/10

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