All Fools And Sages Are Within Us

everythinginside The Zohar, Chapter “BeHaalotcha (When You Mount the Candles),” Item 62: Such is the Torah. It has a body, which is the Mitzvot of the Torah, which are called “the bodies of the Torah.” This body clothes in dresses, which are mundane stories, and the fools in the world consider only that clothing, which is the story of the Torah. They do not know more and do not consider what exists underneath that clothing.  Those who know more do not consider the clothing, but the body under that clothing. But the sages, the servants of the High King, those who stood on Mount Sinai, consider only the soul in the Torah, which is the essence of it all, the actual law. In the future, they will gaze upon the soul within the soul of the Torah.

This passage tells us about the processes that take place within a person. We are the “fools” or the “sages,” depending on the state we are in. A big Aviut (coarseness of desire) reveals itself within us—and we fall down. If we’re able to cope with this newly revealed Aviut by building a screen above it, we become more sensitive, corrected, and can go deeper.

The same applies to our material world: Some people are foolish, others are wise. What does “foolish people” mean? Their desire to receive pleasure is very small. Because they are not developed enough, they don’t penetrate into the “body” (Guf) of the Torah. The “clothing” (worldly stories) is enough for them. Their desire doesn’t demand, obligate, nor force them to reveal the inner essence of what’s written in the Torah.

When the desire to receive pleasure grows and manifests in each person as a part of a global desire (that is the whole system of connections between us reveals itself), we start asking questions about the meaning of our life and about our purpose. At this point, we realize that we all depend on each other, and therefore have to unite. Everything depends on the depth of our desire to receive pleasure (our ego) that is gradually being revealed within us. It helps us to transcend from the clothing to the deeper content of the Torah.

Hence, each person must force himself to connect with others as much as possible. Then, with the help of the group, he will receive a much stronger power of the Light that Reforms. Accordingly, a rougher desire to receive pleasure will be revealed, a person will be able to get deeper into it, and thus will reveal the inner essence that hides behind the clothing.

There are fools and sages within each of us. Therefore, we have to make sure that we are able to deal with the deepest layers of the desire to receive pleasure. Revelation of the Torah happens within the corrected desire to enjoy in correlation to its power and coarseness. Then, Aviut (coarseness) of the desire is transformed into Zakut (purity, subtlety).

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