When The Teacher Becomes Desirable

514.04Remark: Today respect for teachers is rapidly falling. In high school students are violent toward teachers. A high rate of threats are reported to come to teachers from students. Many of them even turn to actions. Everyone is looking for an example of a teacher who a person can respect and follow, and they do not find it.

My Comment: Children see the teacher as a scapegoat: “What are you teaching us? What kind of world are you giving us? What do you want from us?” and so on. That is, there is a lot of anger in them toward this world.

They cannot receive fulfillment, saturation, and satisfaction from the world, and therefore, it turns out that they throw it on the teachers as representatives of this world, who are in front of them every day for many hours. And teachers make them do some exercises, solve problems, and pass unnecessary exams.

Question: Do children understand that they will never use this in life?

Answer: Of course. Today, the teacher represents the most hated being in the world for the child, which forces and restricts them. This is a legal jailer.

Remark: Needless to say, this is terrible. I remember my teachers, I did not have such a feeling. It seemed that it would be useful one day. Now everything suddenly spilled out with a great force.

My Comment: People do not need anything from what happens at school, from what they learn at school. They do not need any of this, and they will use nothing.

Question: What does a person need from a teacher? What wisdom?

Answer: Connection with others. A good, correct connection with each other. Only this should be taught at school. And “two plus two is four” is added for the development of the brain. Thus, there is nothing we can do about it, we will have to redo all this.

It is necessary to teach, of course. Yet, to teach what a person needs in life in the first place. And this is only the correct connection between people.

Question: Can we continue to provide education on the basis of this connection?

Answer: Give education, give whatever you want. But the main thing is the correct education. Otherwise, education with these exact sciences will lead people to build weapons and everything else leading to the means to harm each other.

Remark: In other words, give him physics, he will make a nuclear bomb. Give him chemistry, he will create chemical weapons.

My Comment: Of course. What do you want from them? You taught them that. You did not resist the fact that nature always increases egoism in them. Taking into account the fact that egoism is constantly developing in them, you gave them knowledge so that they could use this egoism to their own detriment. Involuntarily, the teacher becomes a source of evil.

Question: If the message from the teacher is: I am teaching you to connect with people, to connect with nature, will this hatred go away?

Answer: The teacher should explain that we are all one system, that we should be connected with each other in good ways, and not in evil ones. No matter what we are connected. However, our task is to turn an evil connection into a good one. Then we will begin to feel a completely different world in this good connection between us.

Question: Will children feel this?

Answer: We need to do this so that those already in school would feel this. Then the teacher will be desired, the only one.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 8/3/20

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