How Can We Make The Material Easier To Perceive?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When we speak about integrality, this idea is so new to people that they can’t perceive it. The innovation and the simplicity of the information, despite the urgency, make its perception very difficult even for an educated person. How can we overcome this obstacle?

Answer: I believe that we should provide less information. On the whole a person has to feel the idea. In a short conversation, a person should receive just the amount of information that he will be able to immediately understand and perceive; this means every word should be weighed and the ideas should be expressed in a simple language as the whole idea—very simple. Then people should discuss this idea in integral circles since every person should have a chance to express himself.

First, the participants should discuss an idea that comes from integral education, for example, “the ego as the source of evil,” and then discuss it. Then they should take the next topic “an attribute that is opposite from the ego,” which means altruism, mutual help, and discuss it. The discussion should be brief so that they’ll be left with a good impression at the end and most importantly so that they feel unity among themselves with an emphasis that there is no pressure, no coercion, and not some party trend, not a game of lies, but an essential tool for survival.

When a person leaves with this feeling, it’s a serious, desirable outcome. Thus every lesson should advance them a step further.

Several lessons will probably be required in order to collect and to process the ideas about the human ego, the world, personal life, and the family, and each time to show somehow that we can solve our problems by rising above them, which means to teach people the technique of growth.

All the opinions, the feelings, the rejections, and the negativity remain below. By respecting each individual, we rise to the general collective unity and from there we begin to solve our problems. These lessons should end with a workshop each time, and people should be left with an emotional impression that stems from something they have learned.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/31/12

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