Enlisting Scientists To Help

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Earlier, we spoke about the importance of interacting with scientists to interview them, gather materials, listen to their opinions, and use them to support the legitimacy of our remarks from a scientific point of view. Should we continue this work? In what form is it better to do it?

Answer: I don’t think that we need legitimization. Based on the fact that we want to introduce the idea of integral education and upbringing to society, we need to do it quickly and not just the idea, but its practical application and to obtain a broad view from the scientific community. That is all, perhaps.

The next stage is practical application when, together with scientists, psychologists, sociologists, and political scientists, we can come to a practical solution. To do this, we need to take an example of a small town or even a small community, such as a village, school, or business, and create there such a community of people that would be able to help solve numerous internal and external problems.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/31/12

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