Who Chooses The Leaders?

294.4Question: Before God chose leaders. How should we choose today?

Answer: Today God also chooses leaders. A leader is a person who rises in such a way that everyone listens to him not because the police or someone else orders them to, but because he draws the attention of huge masses of different nations.

Remark: If you look at history, there used to be more leaders. Now there is a crisis in leadership.

My Comment: Now there is a tendency that there should be one leader in each generation. He will be the leader of the ideological direction of the world’s development. Then, groups of people will be formed under him who will develop his idea, his direction, and simplify this idea to the level of implementation—to projects and so on.

Question: Is God a leader?

Answer: God is completely hidden. This is the highest integral force of nature, but it works through leaders and managers. In principle, it works in every person.

Question: Whom would you choose as a leader today, from what sphere of activity?

Answer: A person who clearly knows what the world should develop toward, who understands that he is under the influence of the upper force, and that he is only a mediator—he can be a leader. But this requires persistence.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/11/20

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