Boss And Leader

177.06Question: Governance is the observance of the laws of communication. You are constantly in contact with people, gather a team, manage them. How do you see the difference between a boss and a leader in relation to subordinates?

Answer: A leader has nothing to do with his subordinates. He gives out his vision of the world, his plans, prospects. He is not very interested in the attitude of people to his idea, because how to perceive it is already the concern of subordinate managers.

Question: As a rule, the boss is appointed from the top and the leader grows from the bottom. Do you agree with this?

Answer: The boss is appointed from above because they see which of the subordinates is capable of solving practical problems. And the leader is set by the higher governance or as we used to think by chance. This is a person with a philosophical, forward-looking view of the world, who perceives the whole world as something of his own.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/11/20

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