Leaders And Charisma

547.01Question: Should a leader be a charismatic person?

Answer: No. By charisma, we mean qualities, desires, and actions of a person by which he elevates himself, gives himself more strength, more weight. And this is completely unnecessary for a leader.

A leader is important by himself. Big, revered. Everyone understands that what he says is true, sincere, true for years, centuries, and maybe eternity ahead.

Question: Should the connection between the leader and the people be unilateral?

Answer: Yes. The leader speaks.

Question: Should the leader keep a distance between himself and his subordinates?

Answer: I think this happens unconsciously because he is a leader by nature and cannot mix with others. He will not be able to do it anyway; that is the nature of things.

Question: Can dictators be considered leaders? Or is a leader one who is followed by followers by their own freewill?

Answer: A dictator cannot be a leader. He uses his power to repress others. A real leader uses his idea to attract people to join it. He lifts people up to his idea.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/11/20

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