Who Can Become A Leader Today?

laitman_271Question: In the past, a leader was chosen based on how truthful his promises came across, his charisma, courage, determination in decision-making, and only then on how he leads state affairs, how he deals with unemployment, people’s incomes, and so on.

Business psychologists raised the question: what will happen in the post-coronavirus period? Will our vision of leadership talent mature to be based on concern for people’s well-being? What do you think future leaders will be like?

Answer: The leader of the future is a person who understands how to bring people together. That is all. Nothing else. But we need a small note here: this is not like Mao, Lenin, or Trotsky who would get up on an armored truck and inspire people. There were such great inspirational personalities.

The fact is that you need a person who sets a goal not to defeat someone at another’s expense, but to unite absolutely everyone. This is a problem because we are always competing against someone.

This cannot happen here. We are all together against our nature, our essence, our beloved egoism. A leader must know the genuine nature of the world, and how we can deal with this nature. Or rather, how not to deal with it. Otherwise, how can he be a leader if he does not understand what he is dealing with?

He must fully grasp and feel nature, its altruism, its self-enclosed finite nature, and its value. He should understand that man must come to achieve a complete similarity with nature through unity with each other, what is called adhesion with it, how to achieve this, what kind of forces, his connection with nature should help him in this.

Our nature is egoistic, but the environment is altruistic. So, I have to change myself from an egoist to an altruist in connection with other people. So, when we all remake ourselves in this way, we will become like the general nature of the world—altruistic. This is what we must achieve.

This is not a high hurdle; this is nature setting this bar for us. It will definitely happen! You will see within a few months how the world will begin to move toward this.

The leader will have to offer the world a method of uniting all of humanity. He must strive for this. There can be no other way.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/13/20

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