The Difficult Path Of Humanity

laitman_293Question: What is the correct path for humanity?

Answer: In order to achieve absolute interaction with each other, up to love. The wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about this. This is what Abraham wanted to teach people. From here came all religions that have successfully tarnished their reputation, and as a result, all the postulates remained only on paper.

Where are the UN, UNESCO, and other great organizations called to somehow take care of people in the world? After all, until we correct egoism, nothing good will happen. And in order to correct it, obviously, we need an acute surgical action.

Question: What practical steps do you see on this difficult path? Should each country work on this separately or should some kind of meeting take place at which all states will come to a common decision?

Of course, people will agree with you. I don’t think there are many people who would object to living in love, as one family. But how to do this in practice? What steps should countries take?

Answer: The very first step is realizing the need to educate a person. In order to create a re-education system, we already have a relative basis. Today, everything is carried out via the Internet and reaches any person without any problems.

We need to clearly find out what enterprises are really necessary for our normal existence. Each family should have an apartment, food, clothing, security, and medicine. That is, everything you need. But nothing more. This is what the science of Kabbalah says.

And everything else should be spent on our re-education. For example, half of the eight billion people can be released from all work or work alternately. They will engage in learning and practical networking with each other.

This will become a compulsory occupation for which people will receive a scholarship or allowance at the level of the rest of the workers.

We must begin to implement this because without this we will not survive on Earth.

Question: What should push people to unite?

Answer: Awareness or suffering.

Question: And who then has to make decisions? The current leaders? Or will countries nominate new people who will understand the importance and necessity of such dramatic changes?

Answer: None of them will be able to re-educate society, because nothing new can be expected from egoists. They will still push their systems—what is in their head and soul.

Decisions must be made comprehensively, together with everyone, rich and poor, otherwise the world will not survive. In such a form as it is today, it has no right to exist within the framework of general nature since now it is showing us its absolute integrality.
From KabTV’s “Today’s International Situation” 6/18/20

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