How To Feed Humanity

laitman_547.02Remark: Pope Francis proposed to introduce the concept of “unconditional income,” not only now during the pandemic, when he advised countries to provide all people with a minimum amount of money so that they could exist, but also later, because modern technologies will lead to the fact that billions of people (according to some estimates, five or six billion people) will be out of work.

He suggests that countries should feed their citizens, thereby enabling them to live.

Answer: In the meantime, instead of this, the country is giving money to businesses to revive them, even though they are of no use, they are absolutely unnecessary. It turns out that today the country distributes money, but tomorrow there will be nothing to give, and people will really starve. What will happen then? Starvation, riots, looting, anything imaginable. Billions of people will roam the Earth and rob everyone in turn.

Question: These are the thoughts that come to mind when you analyze what is happening in the world. Therefore, many people have fear, panic, and even the thought of the meaninglessness of existence, the lack of purpose in life, not only for themselves, but for the whole of humanity. What do you say to that?

Answer: What should I say? I don’t even want to talk to people who have such a narrow view of the world. They don’t understand that nature has set conditions for us, and when we don’t meet them, nature gives us a very good lesson. And if there will be two billion people left out of eight billion, nothing terrible will happen.

In general, this is a condition for improving human society. The fact that, let’s say, six billion will disappear, so we only see them as if they are dying. They don’t die. They simply heal the atmosphere, the earth, and themselves from this worthless, meaningless life. And the remaining billions or even less will begin to exist normally, correctly.

Question: Do you think there should be fewer people left on Earth? The current number of people can’t live normally?

Answer: Even Baal HaSulam wrote that the globe could feed twenty billion people. It is no problem to do so. The problem is with the people, not with feeding them.

Question: So if they do not accept the main idea that humanity should change its attitude to life and purpose, then they may become fewer, but this does not mean that it should be so?

Answer: Of course. Everything in order to put humanity on the right path.
From KabTV’s “Today’s International Situation” 6/18/20

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