Does A Leader Need To Study Public Speaking?

254.03Question: The Torah describes Moses as being tongue-tied. What does this mean? How can a leader be tongue-tied?

Answer: Moses could not communicate with people in the language that they understood, because he was several steps above them.

Question: Do you think a leader needs to study public speaking?

Answer: If this is a real leader, then not necessarily. He needs to be understood by those people who own the art of public speaking to carry his ideas to the masses.

I remember once my teacher and I were at a wedding as guests of honor. A man came up to us to consult with Rabash about a small speech at this wedding.

My teacher said one or two phrases, and he exclaimed: “That’s it, this is enough for me for half an hour.” That is, you give a person a small clue, and from it he can already develop his thought further and make big speeches that capture people.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/11/20

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