Informal Leadership

268.01Remark: A leader, in principle, can be informal, for example, in the classroom, in the yard, in a football team.

My Comment: This happens when a certain group of people, who perceive a particular person as the highest, becomes attached to him and worships him.

Remark: There are many courses on how to become a leader. But it turns out that a person does not have a chance to become a leader because they are made by nature.

My Comment: There are people who seem to become leaders on their own because they really strive for this, but in general, I do not believe that this is possible. If we talk about real leaders, then there must be some kind of higher predestination.

Question: Should a leader be recognized by the majority?

Answer: He must be recognized by a certain mass of people who consider him above all others.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/11/20

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