When Will A Person Bear Responsibility For His Actions?

627.2Remark: Jonathan Swift wrote in Thoughts on Various Subjects: “All fits of pleasure are balanced by an equal degree of pain and languor; it’s like spending this year part of next year’s revenue.”

My Comment: From Kabbalah’s point of view, this is not entirely true. Because if a person is born not of his own freewill, unable to choose the family he is born into, and receives an excellent upbringing, without denying himself anything, since such is his family and so on, then you cannot ask anything from him. So, he was made according to the higher design.

Question: Does he have no freedom?

Answer: Of course not. So, he should not be responsible for this. But when he has a clear, definite opportunity to start remaking himself, then he will be held responsible for it. But also, only to the extent that he was actually given this opportunity.

All people who exist in our world, from rich to poor, from healthy to sick, whatever they want, the way
they exist, this is how they exist. There can be no complaints about them.

Question: But don’t we still make claims? How do we judge people?

Answer: So you judge by your courts. You invented the courts and you judge. How can you judge people? For what?! For what is in me from the Creator who created me this way, and from my parents whom the Creator created so that they would have such an effect on me?

So, who am I? Where do I have my point, the point, of freedom, which I can use and grow myself from? How do I know the right way to do it? Why would I?

What does a person have that is not given to him by nature? How can he then change himself? If I need to change myself, then I must have a lever.

What kind of freewill does a person have? What is it? There is no freewill. You cannot point to some free movement of his, a free desire, a free thought, that he did not receive from someone or something, but so that would appear from nowhere. There is no such thing! Therefore, man is not free.

Question: So, was I created by nature and nature leads me from the beginning to the grave?

Answer: Absolutely in everything! On top of that, there is an illusion of freedom!

Question: Here nature is playing with me. What gives me the illusion of freedom?

Answer: It is done specially to make you feel like a human!

Freedom appears only when another force arises in a person, a higher force, which begins to oppose his earthly power. Only in the difference between them, in the interval between them, can a person gain independence from both forces and obtain his free choice. Only if there is a need for meaning in life.

The meaning of life is comprehended only in the search for independence. It is not about becoming like others, depending on the way they are, some are richer for example. Do not take any example from others! I need—me. My own self.

Question: Which is completely different from that of the rich or the poor?

Answer: It is true even if one is on a desert island. My only goal is to find myself.

Question: Does the search for a person begin with this?

Answer: Yes. From the fact that he understands that he is not free he begins to seek what freedom is. He begins to understand that freedom consists, first of all, in rising above his egoism, which completely fills him, subjugates him. Although a person cannot get rid of this selfishness, he would like to!

When he cannot, but wants to, then he finds an opportunity to attract an outside force to himself, which, even despite his efforts to remain in egoism, will pull him out of it. I do not want to get out of egoism, but I do it so that this higher power pulls me out anyway. There is such an interesting twist! But it is great.

Question: So, do I reach the state that I do not want to get out of egoism?

Answer: Of course, I do not want to. Nobody wants to! On all spiritual levels, nobody wants to do it.

Question: A man has been striving for this for so long, why does he not want to?

Answer: How did he strive? He was not aware of anything. Now, when it is revealed that he is all selfish, he cannot. How can he part with this?

Question: So, is this egoism very dear to him?

Answer: Yes. This is all the agony of leaving Egypt, crossing the Red Sea.

Question: How does this happen?

Answer: This happens because you are doing such completely unreasonable actions, and these actions pull you out. And then: “I do not want, I do not want!”—but it is too late.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/18/20

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