A Leader Is Given From Above

200.02Remark: It is said that a leader is someone who can raise another leader.

Answer: No. I do not agree with that. Even biblical leaders did not engage much in this and were not very good at it.

Question: Should a leader should not care who will come after him?

Answer: A leader is a person who looks far ahead. He tries to convey his ideas to his subordinates, but whether he is understood and whether he can raise successors for himself, this is a problem. After all, everything is given from above, and therefore, little depends on him.

Remark: From a management point of view, it is very important for every project or organization manager to be able to train people who can replace him at any time.

Answer: This is not applicable to a leader. Just like he has been appointed from above, so is the one who will replace him.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/11/20

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